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Cord Organization, Cable Management and Cord Storage Device

Say goodbye to your excess cords with the Cordini®. This cord storage, cable management device is one of a kind patented product made and manufactured right here in the USA. What makes the Cordini® one of a kind is that it hides the cord right behind the outlet plate!

Make those unwanted electrical cords that are out of control disappear with the help of the Cordini®! This cord storage device easily eliminates excessive cords length, right from the outlet. Long cords wrap around a spool within the faceplate and are hidden once you snap on the cover plate.

Using only a screwdriver, the Cordini® is easy to install and can be used with a variety of appliances and electronics in any room of your home, apartment, office, garage or workshop. Cordini® also helps prevent cord related hazards and accidents, while keeping your house free of unsightly cord length.

  • Two Color Options (easily painted to match any wall!)
  • Lots of Size Options
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Breakage or Defects!

Cordini® is easy to set up and use in any of the following areas of your home, office, or garage:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Nursery
  • Office
  • Garage
  • Media Room
  • Laundry Room
  • Shop
  • And More…

Cordini® Installation

Each Cordini® is shipped with detailed installation instructions. The video shows you how to install both the recessed and flush mounted Cordini’s. The Flush mounted installation instructions begin at 2 minutes on the video.

If you can install a switch plate or outlet plate you can install Cordini®.  Each of the three versions are easy to install, but the Recessed model is the simplest since you only have to change out the plate and it can be utilized with any appliance.

You only need a screwdriver!






This version is perfect for larger or oddly shaped plugs that may not fit inside the recessed model.


The Recessed version is the easiest of the 3 styles to install, simply swapping the faceplate.


Cordini - GFCI/Decor version

Use the GFCI/Decor version to hide cords that use a rectangular GFCI, Decor or smart plug outlet.

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